Marion B. Lobstein

Associate Professor, NVCC—Manassas; Adjunct Professor, Blandy Experimental Farm

Trillium grandiflora sp.

Information on Marion B. Lobstein’s

Courses, Lectures and Wildflower Walks

Marion Lobstein, noted educator and acclaimed expert on wildflowers in the mid-Atlantic states, offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for those interested in wildflowers, natural history, ecology, and earth sciences.

Marion has published an award winning video, a resource book for locating wildflowers in the state of Virginia, a CD-Rom on the Chesapeake Bay which is on the Virginia State Schools list for approved educational materials for earth sciences classes, and has authored many published articles as well.

She has been an enthusiastic and informative contributor to the Flora of Virginia project, and is well known for her “wildflower walks” which she conducts throughout the year in locations all throughout Virginia.

The purpose of this site is to give wildflower and natural history enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about these subjects, regardless of their age or educational background.  Visitors to this site will be able to view information from Marion Lobstein’s ever-expanding body of work, purchase her wildflower video or her book on finding wildflowers co-written with Cris Fleming and Barbara Tufty, and also learn when and where Marion will be appearing to either give lectures or conduct her very popular wildflower walks.

Marion Blois Lobstein

Associate Professor of Biology, NVCC-Manassas 
Adjunct Professor, Blandy Experimental Farm                  

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